Fur considers the hair.

Fur was born from the curiosity of sisters.  They found that other hair and skin treatments weren't formulated for such a vulnerable and enclosed area, and while options abounded for keeping pubic hair under control, nothing focused on caring for the hair and skin itself.  Other methods also required several weeks of uncomfortable, completely untouched regrowth just to achieve a short window of bare perfection; to the fur team this seemed like getting facials but never moisturizing.

Out of a desire to create a new options for more regular care, Fur's founders developed a Fur Oil to nourish the hair itself, and a Stubble Cream to soften hair regrowth and protect skin.  Both formulations soften hair texture, reduce ingrowns, and protect and moisturize skin.  The lightweight formulas absorb quickly leaving zero residue on underwear and clothing.  A subtle unisex fragrance occurring naturally from essential oils relaxes the senses and heighten the person ritual but dissipates completely after application.  Regular use results in the easy luxury of a beautiful pubic region, everyday.

Fur provides the only daily care regimen emphasizing the beauty of nature's lingerie.  Consider yourself covered.